Gambozinos in the West League (Spain)


On the 13th and 14th of December, the first and second league days of the West League took place in Ledesma, Salamanca. The team from Aveiro was at its best level, winning all the 6 games played that weekend.

After the success of the first edition of the Central League, played in the 2013/2014 season, the organizers decided to broaden the competition to the whole Iberian Peninsula, for the 2014/2015 season, with the initial stage of the competition divided into 3 regions. The Gambozinos were the only portuguese team to accept the invitation, taking part in the West region group, which includes also the teams Polbo (A Coruña), Xabarins (Santiago de Compostela), Quimera (Salamanca), Extremate (Caceres) and Frisbillanas del Universo (Seville).

Despite the cold and a small roster, the team from Aveiro were not intimidated and won all the games. The date for the next league day is not known yet, but should be in February, 2015.


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A Gambozino wins an honorary award


The gambozino Bruno Gravato was distinguished with an honorary award at the 8th edition of the Chiripones tournament, one of the most popular 'hat' tournaments in the Iberian Peninsula, which takes place every year at Punta Umbria (Spain). Organized by the Seville team (Frisbillanas del Universo), this edition had a record number of participants, reaching over two hundred players, from all over the world.

Despite being the 4th time participating in this tournament, it was mainly his contributions off the field that earned the Aveiro player this award. In Portugal, besides his administrative duties within the Gambozinos and organizing Silver Coast Hat, he's also the treasurer and board member of APUDD and Tournament Director for the National Beach League. Internationally, he has been involved in the organization of some major events, such as:ECBU 2013, WJUC 2014, WUCC 2014, EUCF 2014, WCBU 2015.

This year, Frisbillanas awarded not one, but two honorary awards, with the second being given to Alberto Suero, iconic player of the Seville team, which has contributed a lot to the ultimate development in the capital of Andaluzia, as well as for the organizing of Chiripones.

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A gambozino in the National Team


Sebastien Lacroix, Gambozinos' player and coach, is one of the 14 selected players that, in March of 2015, will represent Portugal in the World Championship of Beach Ultimate (WCBU), which will take place in Dubai.

For 'Seb' (as he is better known among his teammates) this won't be his first World Championship playing for Portugal, he already played in WCBU 2011, which took place in Italy, as well as the Europeans (ECBU 2013) in Spain.

More recently, the Gambozinos capitan played with the portuguese national team in the preparation tournament 'Monte Gordo Special Edition', beating the german team (one of the strongest in Europe) in the final, that took place on November 30th.

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Gambozinos win a national trophy


On October 26th, took place, in Carcavelos, the last league day of the National Beach League, in which Gambozinos won the Spirit-of-the-Game award and finished in the fourth place of the most important competition in Portugal.

The unbeatable BUFA, from Portimão, were the portuguese beach ultimate champions for the third year in a row. The awards for best player (male and female) went to David Pimenta and Ines Bringel (both BUFA players) which, during the season, had the highest combined number of assists, goals and defenses.

All the results and stats for the League can be viewed at:


Gambozinos win second place at Ultimate Harvest


On the 6th and 7th of September, took place in Figueirinha Beach (Setubal), the first edition of the international tournament 'The Ultimate Harvest', organized by the Palmela team, Vira'O'Disco. Gambozinos won the 2nd place, loosing to the hosting team, on universe point, in a very exciting final till the last second!

Beside the two portuguese teams, there were also teams from Spain (Frisbillanas), Holand (Rusty Bikes) and the UK (Jekyll and Hyde). There was also an international pick-up team (Fat and Furious), with players from many different countries, who got together specially for this tournament.

The dutch Rusty Bikes, besides finishing third in the tournament, also won the Spirit-of-the-Game award.

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Gambozinos start with the right foot in the Beach League


On the 1st of June took place, at Barra Beach, the first league day of the National League of Beach Ultimate. The Gambozinos had a good start winning all the matches.

On a day in which the wind speed played an important role, the team from Aveiro managed to beat the visiting teams LUC (Lisbon Ultimate Club) and LFO (Leiria Flying Objects).

The game between Gambozinos and LUC was the most challenging one, with the home team having a better start and managing the lead till the end, winning 7-5. The team from Leiria had more difficulty in beating the wind and lost by 9-1 to LUC and 8-3 to Gambozinos.

The second league day of the Beach League will take place at Figueirinha Beach (Setúbal), on the 6th of July, where the teams from Palmela (Vira'O'Disco) and Portimão (Beach Ultimate Frisbee Algarve) will also play.

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Gambozinos National Champions of Grass Ultimate 2014


On May 17th and 18th, it took place, at the Dr. Magalhães Pessoa Stadium, in Leiria, the National Championship of Grass Ultimate, in which the Gambozinos won the National Champions title.

The competition, organized by the Leiria team LFO, counted the presence of four portuguese teams: LFO from Leiria, LUC from Lisbon, Vira'O'Disco from Palmela and Gambozinos from Aveiro. Two spanish teams were invited to play: Quimera from Salamanca and Frisbillanas from Seville.

On both days, there was a good competitive level, with the group phase ending with a triple tie between LUC, Gambozinos and Frisbillanas, with the portuguese teams having advantage on the tiebreakers.

On the final, Gambozinos started better and took the lead, which they kept until the end of the game, beating Lisbon Ultimate Club (LUC) by 10-7.

The Spirit-Of-The-Game award was conquered by Vira'O'Disco.

Gambozinos thank the hosts LFO, for their hospitality and good organization, as well to all the players and supporters of the Aveiro team, including the Students Association of the University of Aveiro (AAUAv).

The national champions will be back in action on the 1st of June, at Barra Beach, where the first league day of the National Beach Ultimate League of 2014 will take place.


Gambozinos win a trophy in Spain


On the last 15th of March, Gambozinos travelled, once more, to the spanish region of Salamanca, to play the last league day of the Central League, where they won the 'Spirit-of-the-Game' award.

With many important casualties, Gambozinos played with a very short number of players, in contrast to the spanish teams, which were on their full strength.

Almost with no subs, the portuguese never gave up and fought to exhaustion with dignity, in all the four games played. Despite not being able to win any game on this league day, they had already guaranteed a place in the middle of the table, led by the Madrid team Quijotes & Dulcineas, who won the competition.

Their attitude inside the field earned them, once more, the "Spirit-of-the-Game" award, for the second time this year (and forth in the club history).

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Gambozinos players at Lisbon MOW


On the 1st and 2nd of March, on Carcavelos beach, the first edition of Lisbon MOW tournament was played. The Gambozinos didn't enter as a team, but some of its players were there, playing for other teams, two of them for the winning team!

Sebastien Lacroix and Eva Vazquez played for the team Codfish Vineyard, winners of the tournament and also of the 'Spirit of the Game' award. Joel Pereira was also one of the gambozinos at the tournament, playing for Chirillanas, which conquered the 5th place.

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Gambozinos win another trophy


Last saturday, the 15th of February, Gambozinos travelled to Palmela to play the National Indoor Ultimate Championship, where, in addition to the 3rd place, they also conquered the "Spirit of the Game" trophy, for the third time in the club history.

Starting with a very limited roster: only six players (4 men, 2 women), things only got worse when Sebastien Lacroix, the team's coach and captain, got injured during the first game. Despite all the drawbacks, Gambozinos never gave up and they only lost to the two finalists.

News at Diário de Aveiro and at radio Terra Nova.