The Gambozinos are an ultimate frisbee mixed team from Aveiro.

Above all, we are a group of friends, of different ages, nationalities and professions, but with one thing in common: the passion for ultimate! If you want to know more about this sport, have a look at the topic below: What is Ultimate?

Join us!

The Gambozinos enjoy making new friends and want to keep growing! Come train with us and try out ultimate. You can find more informations about our trainings and schedules in the section Trainings.

How it all began...

Soon we will tell you more about the history of Gambozinos and how it all began...

What is Ultimate?

Ultimate is a team sport played with a disc (frisbee) and it can be player either on grass field, beach or indoor. It's a non-contact sport in which, unlike most sports, there are no referree and it's the players themselves who auto-regulate the games. This high level of fair-play is possible, thanks to the Spirit of the Game - kind of an ethics code - which all players follow.

The following video briefly, and in a funny way, explains the basics of Ultimate.

Below you can watch a very good documentary about ultimate that explains why we love this sport so much.

Love at First Flight from Eylem Caner on Vimeo.